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Grass Garden

Caza Ibiza
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Caza Ibiza
Casa Ibiza, which means “urban oasis”, is a Mexican inspired island resort getaway and events place just a few minutes away from the bustling metropolis.

Grass Garden

Function Room type: Open

Ideal for: Weddings     Debuts     Kiddie Parties    

Location: Antipolo, Cainta, Taytay, and San Mateo

Buffet: - pax
Plated: - pax
Cocktail: - pax
Seminar: - pax

Venue Rental Only: P0-
Venue + Catering Package: N/A

    Contact Person From Caza Ibiza

  • Name: N/A

  • Tel No.: (02) 261-6158 | (02) 261-7186

  • Mobile: 0937-370-4786 | 0937-370-4791

  • Email: |

    from Hizons Catering

  • Name: Ms. Gierly Uy

  • Tel No.: 925-0107 loc. 222

  • Mobile: 0917-591-9589

  • Email:

Address:Dalig, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines

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Function Rooms in Caza Ibiza (2)

  • Grass Garden

    • Venue Rental Only: P0-
      Venue + Catering Package: N/A
    • Buffet: - pax
      Plated: - pax
      Cocktail: - pax
      Seminar: - pax
  • Haven

    • Covered Garden
    • Venue Rental Only: P20, 000-
      Venue + Catering Package: P200-
    • Buffet: 100-200 pax
      Plated: 200-300 pax
      Cocktail: 300-400 pax
      Seminar: 400-500 pax
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