Grandest Weddings in the Philippine History

As most of us are searching for the most affordable events place and “sulit” catering services, others are willing to go the extra mile. And extra is a mere understatement of how much they spent on their weddings. To give you an idea, we listed some of the notable grandest weddings in the Philippine History:



Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales

Wedding date: May 28, 2001

Wedding venue: St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Baguio City

wedding-muhlach-gonzalesEven though we’re not entirely sure on how much the actual wedding, catering, reception and different cost, we can agree that Aga and Charlene’s wedding is one of the grandest. The boy next door and lovable actor Aga Muhlach tied the knot with his beauty queen, Charlene Gonzales on her 3rd month of pregnancy to their now full-grown twins.

Not like as expected to celebrity marriage, Aga and Charlene’s was quiet and very intimate. Around 400 guests graced the event. However, their principal sponsor then president Gloria Arroyo didn’t go as to fulfill her role as a president. The catering was very lit, and guests even played golf during the reception in Camp John Hay.

Charlene’s mom Elvie is the one who made the cake for the couple’s big day.


Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta

Wedding date: September 23, 1984

Wedding venue: Manila Cathedral

wedding-concepcion-cunetaWe won’t be giving you any numbers on how much the wedding of Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta was, but we will provide you some details and let you estimate:

First off, we know that the Gabby and Sharon tandem was one of the most highly acclaimed back in the days. There was a movie arranged by Viva Films titled as “The Best of Sharon and Gabby,” as the film speaks for itself, and they plan to include the wedding of the two in the movie. The result? They were nine cameras of Viva Films. Yes, nine. And note that this is not a little shooting, this is a real wedding.

The security was very tight – very might be an understatement to what happened in the wedding. President Marcos was present in the wedding so say hi to great security. It even reached the point where the mother of Sharon almost pleaded to get in. There were some points that some spaces in the church don’t look good in the camera, but fortunately, it was fixed.

The gown of Sharon was magnificent – hand-embroidered jusi with a diamond-studded tiara. Contrary to usual wedding practices, Gabby didn’t wait at the altar. Instead, for cinematic effect, Gabby also marched on the aisle.

According to Philippine Star, some of the principal sponsors who also marched were Vice Gov. Mel Mathay, Mina del Rosario, US Consul Vernon Mc Aninch, Lily Monteverde, Rosalind Bernabe, Ramon Lauchengco, Antonio Arellano, Candida Cuazon, Vienna Ochoa and Oscar Arellano.

We can go on with the big details and its lavishness. Unfortunately, the love story of Gabby and Sharon is not like in the movies. They were annulled after a few years.


Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera

Wedding date: December 30, 2014

Wedding venue: Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral, Quezon City

Estimated cost: PHP 9 Million (for cake and gown only)


Dubbed as a royal wedding, the primetime king and queen of GMA 7 get married last 2014 at the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral. Given that they have a large fan base, large LCD screens were set up outside the church for those who want to witness the wedding.

Marian Rivera wore a Michael Cinco gown, and Dingdong Dantes came riding his black Ducati motorcycle. Moreover, celebrities and politicians including President Noynoy Aquino graced the royal wedding.

It was said that the large 12 ft cake cost around PHP 7 Million and the dress for PHP 2 Million. The cake even got the attention of international media for being one of the biggest cakes, ever! Wow, what about that eh?

The total cost of the wedding is not entirely disclosed and still under speculation. Nevertheless, for sure it was worth it.


Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Romualdez

Wedding date: May 1, 1954

Wedding venue: Pro Cathedral of San Miguel, Manila

Estimated cost: PHP 1 Million to 2 Million

What would you expect with an infamous politician getting married to a well-known fashion designer and model? Can we spell out g-r-a-n-d even better than with Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Romualdez-Marcos? Just think about the purchasing power of 1 million to 2 million Pesos back in 1954 and see how much it costs today!

It was said that President Ramon Magsaysay was the principal sponsor of the wedding. The catering or breakfast reception was held at Malacañan Palace, and around 3,000 elites and politicians graced the event.

Unfortunately, former and late president Marcos died due to poor health as he was also facing problems as a dictator. On the other hand, Imelda Marcos is still enjoying the lavish life, as before, with the comfort of her family and friends.


Yong Larrazabal and Donna Cruz

Wedding date: September 19, 1998

Wedding venue: Basilica de San Sebastian Church, Manila

wedding-larrazabal-cruzActress and singer Donna Cruz married an ophthalmologist from Cebu, Yong Larrazabal. We don’t get so much information about their wedding, but we can guarantee that it is one of the grandest as Basilica de San Sebastian Church and Manila Hotel are their chosen venues for wedding and reception respectively.

Their story might be in the limelight as an actress married a good-looking doctor but their lives today are private.


Yilmas Bektas and Ruffa Gutierrez

Wedding date: May 25, 2003

Wedding venue: NBC Tent, Taguig City

Estimated cost: PHP 27 Million

wedding-bektas-gutierrezRuffa and Yilmas met during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival back in 2000. Ruffa, as a recognized beauty queen, worked with a TV network before. To make the long story short, they fell in love and decided to get married.

We all know that Ruffa is part of an outspoken family (with regards to their lives and relationships). She is very much open about her relationship with his parents, particularly with her mother, and of course, her husband. Then there came a day that Ruffa can’t handle the attitude and behavior of his businessman husband. They separated and now living their lives.

As per the wedding, it was surely one of the most expensive as the couple can sufficiently fund the celebration, but it was also intimate.


Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna

Wedding date: January 30, 2016

Wedding venue: St. James the Great Parish Church, Alabang

Estimated cost: PHP 83 Milion

wedding-luna-sottoVic and Pauleen may belong to the long list of controversial couples. Their story is no different from others who have a significant age gap. But who cares what others say, right? The couple fought for their relationship and managed to tie the knot last 2016 at St. James the Great Parish Church in Alabang.

The couple decided to keep the wedding details unannounced as to keep its privacy. As according to reports after the wedding, some of the sponsors are as follows: Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III and Carmencita Garcia; Tony Tuviera and wife Madeleine Tuviera; and Joey de Leon and Dr. Salvacion Gatchalian. Star-studded, as expected, is the wedding of the two.


Jules Ledesma and Assunta de Rossi

Wedding date: March 14, 2004

Wedding venue:

Estimated cost: PHP 97 Million

wedding-derossi-ladesmaActress-comedian Assunta de Rossi finally tied the knot with Negros Occidental Rep. Jules Ledesma last 2014. The wedding ceremony might be simple at first glance but, it is not. In an estimate, the couple’s wedding cost 97 Million Pesos.

The bridal car used was a 1969 vintage Mercedez Benz 600, a gift. The car even came from New York! It costs around 5 Million Pesos plus 2.5 Million Pesos for taxes and 2 Million Pesos for the shipment.

Assunta flaunted a wedding gown designed by Viera Wang, a NY high-fashion star, along with a crystal-studded veil by Rhett Eala. Socialites, elites, politicians and many tops of the crop people gathered in this beautiful event. Then-president Gloria Arroyo led the principal sponsors of the wedding.


Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo

Wedding date: September 2, 2017

Wedding venue: American Church, Paris, France

Estimated cost: PHP 500 Million

wedding-belo-khoNow we’re down to the most talked about wedding up-to-date – the Hayden and Vicki wedding. We don’t need to tell many things about the background of these two celebrities as they are both doctors and well known. Their wedding? Oh please continue reading:

If we already have the royal wedding, we now bring you the fairytale wedding o celebrity doctors Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo. The ceremony was held in American Church of Paris. Their closest friends and relatives graced the event.

Vicki Belo is wearing a Michael Cinco gown during the big day. On the other hand, Scarlet Snow was with a Mischka Aoki dress. Their dresses are undoubtedly fantastic!

If you can’t get your eyes off their dress and Church, what more with the reception? It was held at the Palais Garnier, Opera de Paris! Robert Blancaflor even made the venue astonishing. Indeed, fairytales do come true!



What about you? Do you think these are all worth it? Let us know how much you can go for your big day!



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