FLORAL BUDGET: Hiring a Wedding Florist (2/3)

To hire or not to hire ?

This is the usual dilemma of most couples when it comes to the topic of hiring a professional wedding florist. Some still have that notion that hiring one is impractical and a waste of money. If you are on a tight budget, do-it-yourself arrangements may be your best bet. But if you’re still not sure about it, you may want to know why a florist may just be the “fairy-god mother” you’ve been waiting for.

Why do I need a wedding florist?

It may seem easy to arrange flowers. All you need to do is buy your supplies in Dangwa or at your preferred flower shop or market and get your relatives or friends to help you make the arrangements. But there are lots of factors that need to be considered that you are unaware of.

Proper care of flowers. Flowers in general are delicate and require proper handling. And though you are making all the necessary measures to ensure that your flowers will be at its best form during the wedding, there may still be a big possibility that you will end up with unattractive flowers on your celebration. It’s because different flowers require different ways of handling. There are those that need to be put in water, other flowers should not be exposed in too much light; tulips in particular should be kept in a cool place. Florists are well-informed about this field. You can be assured that your flowers will be at its best shape for your most special day.

The right flowers for your wedding. You may already have your favorite flowers in mind to use for your wedding but sometimes they may not work well with one another. There are flowers that would make a great bouquet but may not be the perfect centerpiece for your banquet table. It is best to have someone who knows the what and what-nots of floral arrangement. You can even have a big chance of saving a lot of money just by hiring the right person to do the job.

Creative/artistic touch. If you have a specific theme in mind, you should really book a florist. If you can turn your own concepts into reality or you have a relative or friend who can do that then you can go about with your do-it-yourself plans. But florists are florists because they have the expertise and the capability to put magic in your wedding flowers.

Stress. The most important purpose of having a florist is to take away the burden off of your shoulders. It is your big day and the idea of standing in front of a huge crowd is already nerve wracking. If you want a worry-free day for you and your soon-to-be partner, you need people who know their job and would help you achieve the memorable event you wish to have.

How much would it cost to book a florist?

Most florists have ready packages that you can choose from, but these packages are often flexible and would depend on what the couples want for their wedding. Don’t hesitate to talk to as many florists so that you would know who has the best packages that can fit your budget.

Ms. April Yu of April and Karen Yu Flowers said that the prices for every floral arrangement vary, depending on some factors like: guest size, season (Christmas, Valentines Day, and All Saint’s Day), type of flowers used, and other materials and extra details that needs to be incorporated on the design.

Couples these days already have the chance to customize their own floral packages to suit both their taste and their budget.

At present, the price of flower arrangements done by professional florists range from Php30, 000 – Php100, 000 depending on the factors mentioned above.

How early should I book a florist?

After booking your ceremony and reception venues, you can already start planning your wedding theme and booking a florist. As early as 6 months to 1 year in advance is the ideal time to look for a florist. This would ensure that you’d get all the flower supplies you need and you may even get discounts and other freebies. Wedding fairs often showcase different florists and you may want to try attending one to get a good start.

 Keeping yourself open-minded with every option for your wedding flowers will help you achieve the perfect floral arrangements without compromising your budget. What you need to do is prepare ahead of time and find the right people that you would be most comfortable working with.

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