FLORAL BUDGET: Exploring Your Options for A Perfect Wedding (1/3)

BUDGET is one very important aspect that is always considered when it comes to choosing the flowers for your wedding. A large chunk of the wedding budget will most likely be allotted for the ceremony & venue rental, or for the food expense.

Often, the budget for wedding flowers is compromised and couples resort to do-it-yourself floral arrangements.

It may work out to your advantage if you have the skills or if you have relatives or friends who are capable of making beautiful arrangements for you. But if you are new at this field it would be best to know your options before making hasty decisions.

A trip to Dangwa may just be the solution you need. Or maybe hiring a professional wedding florist may work out well to your advantage.

Flowers may not be the most essential part of your big day, but it is still important. After all, it would show up in almost all of your wedding pictures.

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