Ever Been to a Bridal Fair? Here’s Why You Must Attend One

Bridal fairs are BIG in the Philippines right now. In 2014, there were about 38 wedding events while in 2015, there are 14 events between January and February. There are many reasons it is a must to attend a bridal affair. For instance, bridal fairs feature suppliers such as Philippine catering services, florists, hairstylists and makeup artists, among others.

Also known as a bridal show, convention, exhibit or expo, a bridal fair refers to an event showcasing the offerings of various vendors. These vendors might be directly or indirectly involved in organizing a wedding or any event. Fairs mainly cater to the soon-to-wed couples through demonstrating the usefulness of basic wedding services while the couples are on the planning stage. Bridal fairs are often held at a fairground or convention center. Some bridal conventions are held for a day while some extend up to three or more days.

If you have never been to a bridal fair, here are the things you should look for when attending:

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1) Suppliers are a plenty

Wedding suppliers–from the coordinators to photography and videography studios to hair and makeup–storm these fairs. A close to a hundred suppliers (or more) usually vie for the slot. So expect to see a wide selection suppliers for every category. Their goal is to better inform prospective clients about the products and services they offer. This is an opportunity to meet local and non-local vendors who can complete your checklist. The best part is, every supplier is generous enough to offer freebies, trials, discounts, and promos.


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2) Not just for the couples

While the event is called a bridal convention, it is not purely for engaged couples. The fair is also for event planners and coordinators, as well as debutantes and other celebrants. If you are planning to hold an event this year such as a baptismal, family reunion, anniversary, etc., you might as well go to a bridal show to scout for and book the best suppliers.


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3) Exhibits are diverse

Importantly, every category is well-represented–visiting each booth or stall and talking to the supplier are next to impossible. Other than that, each supplier showcases the best and trending this year. Their portfolio of product and service offerings is complete and updated. For instance, you will get a glimpse of the latest trends in wedding gowns and accessories.




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4) Bridal fairs are free

Organizers make it a point to provide these events for free. Nonetheless, pre-registration is often required for security and practical purposes. Only those who pre-registered will be given entrance vouchers and can join the raffles and contests during the bridal convention. Pre-registered participants also receive a welcome gift from the organizer. At times, pre-registrants are allowed to bring up to 2 companions to the event.  Non-pre-registered guests need to pay the entrance fee of normally less than Php100.

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5) Locations are convenient

Bridal fair organizers often choose a location that is easily accessible to the participants. The typical venue is a mall or event center; reaching it is a breeze whether on private or public transport. There is always an ample parking space at the venue so this won’t be a hassle.




Making the most of the bridal expos

Future brides and grooms, it would be best to maximize the event.

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