Easy tips for children’s party invitations

Nowadays, sending out invitation to your child’s birthday party has become as impersonal and mechanical as creating a Facebook event or just tweeting an invitation to your friends/followers, or even simply emailing the invitation to all the parents on your guest list. While it does make RSVPs quicker and easier there’s still something nice and warm about getting a personal invitation to a party – it just says I really want you to come and celebrate with me. This is especially relevant if your child wishes to invite friends you haven’t met, or if he or she just started at a new school.

Given these, here are some helpful tips to help you come up with a memorable invitation for your child’s birthday party.

Get design ideas online

Do a quick search for sample invitations online to get some ideas of how to create a unique invitation for your special event. You can do a template design or layout with your child’s favorite animal/superhero/cartoon character and (if your computer skills are up to it) photoshop a picture of your child into the design. Be sure to look for an appropriate font to go with the subject in question to carry the design throughout, but also make sure it’s easily readable, especially for details such as venue, address, time and others. In the case of a themed invitation, it’ll also be good for you to work with your child on how the invitation will look – not only will it teach him or her about doing things yourself, it also lets your child take an active part in the decision-making. The only exception is if the party is meant to be a surprise, in which case you’ll have to be more subtle and observant about the things on your little one likes.

Store-bought and Custom Jobs

If you don’t mind spending a bit on the invitations, you can surely find something nice and fun for your child’s birthday. Most party stores and bookshops will have great choices that match the most popular movies or characters, such as Frozen or Iron Man or Ben 10. For something more unusual and artistic, many paper craft stores can also do custom-made invitations with origami animals, cut-outs or multi-folds if that is what you desire. Embossing characters or party elements on the card is also another way to create an elegant yet thematically-appropriate invitation. For something simpler, there are also many personalized printing stalls or shops in most malls in the city.

Make it personal

For parents who want a truly personal touch to their party invitations, you can consider using a photo of your child on the card, or maybe one of his or her crayon drawings as the design for the card. This can be particularly cute if your little one is celebrating his or her first birthday – let your child make some crayon scrawls and use that as the cover with a headline that says “Translation: you’re invited to my first birthday!”

In terms of format, you can easily go online to sites such as greetingsisland.com for free downloadable invitation templates that you can customize, save and then print out, either at home or from any digital printing shop. Many templates are designed to be easily used or manipulated, so feel free to set your creativity free. You can even customize your invitation to have a little activity section, such as a maze game going to the party venue or a raffle ticket that might win the invitee a fun prize.

However you go about it, going the extra mile here will definitely add a nice touch to the party you’re planning for your child.

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