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    Featured Designs


  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    Let the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme make you feel calm and safe just like how Audrey Hepburn felt. With its serenity and being in the arms...

  • Damask

    Reflecting a love that flames with passion is this Damask theme for your wedding. Lighting the flames of white and red is a love that is true and...

  • Colorful

    A combination of lively colors and joyful hues make this Colorful theme to perk up your event. Paint colors in your party to celebrate youth and...


  • Tangerine

    Sweet, light and fresh elements make this lively theme that will surely add more fun and daylight glow in your wedding.

  • Beach House

    Summer vacation or dream house by the sea? Set that tropical flavor into your event that will make you feel the seaside breeze and exotic...

  • Rainforest

    Bring life into your wedding as they witness the celebration of your love in this nature-inspired theme.

    Children's Parties

  • Under The Sea

    Splash fun to your kid’s party in this cool and sparkling theme with the bubbly friends under the sea.

  • Circus

    You can transform your kid’s special day into that magical party of his dreams with this Circus theme that will surely capture your...

  • Jungle

    Let your little explorer roam the wild in this Jungle theme for that adventure party with the all-time favorite cute and lovable animal...

    Private Party

  • Vivid Violet

    Keep the royal atmosphere in your private party by using the Vivid Violet theme.

  • Colors of Noise

    A party is not a party without a bang. Have this Colors of Noise as your private party theme and have that excitement build-up from your...

  • Seafoam

    Have this minty-colored style as your private party theme. Experience a fresh atmosphere like walking down the seashore and feeling the seafoam at...

    Corporate Events

  • Hollywood

    Step out of your limousine and grace the red carpet in this Hollywood theme for your event. Shine bright and get camera-ready for your fans and...

  • The Great Gatsby

    Live the American dream for a day in this Great Gatsby theme for your event. Indulge yourself with sleek fashion as you revive the luxurious,...

  • Nautical

    Set the sails and catch the tide in this Nautical theme for your event. Make sure you don’t forget your sailor gear as you navigate your way...