Makati is a home to some of the most popular churches in the Philippines. No wonder thousands of weddings occur in the city.

Choices of Churches in the City

Nuestra Señora de Gracia

Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church

A baroque church built in 1601 by Augustinian fathers, the church exudes an old world charm appealing to both traditional and modern weddings. The church’s original architecture is early baroque with a touch of Spanish renaissance as evident with its Doric columns and rose window at the main entrance. Nonetheless, the interiors including the window detailings have baroque touches. Its surface, however, is Romanesque in nature.

Saints Peter and Paul

Saints Peter and Paul Church

Another old church, this church was built in 1620 through the initiative of Rev. Pedro de los Montes, a Jesuit priest. The colonial church’s architecture includes a rectangular nave with an apse and transept. The church also features a sacristy. Its unique feature is its facade which is composed of three-tiered papal and keys to symbolize papacy, an important scene for all the brides that is definitely worth capturing.

Sanctuario De San Antonio

Santuario de San Antonio Parish

A simple yet elegant church, it is built in the mid-1950s by the Franciscans after the mother church in Manila was destroyed during World War II. The church, which also oozes out a Spanish era charm, has a well-maintained cream-hued facade. Its layout is the usual cross shape although is aisle is exceptionally long every bride would love walking down on it. The altar has a dome-shaped ceiling.

Choices of catering services in Makati

A wedding catering service occurs on a venue of choice. In Makati, your choices of venue includes:

Grandview Events Place

Grandview Events Place

– An elegantly designed venue
– Perfect for hosts who want to have stylish events and celebrations
– Ideal for initiate and big events and gatherings
– In-built designs such as chandeliers and stage at the grand hall
– Accommodates between 50 and 500 guests

North Forbes Pavilion

North Forbes Pavilion

– A budget-friendly events venue
– With built-in ceiling draping
– Accommodates up to 250 guests

The Loft at Manansala

The Loft at Manansala

– A venue that boasts of glass walls and high ceilings
– Provides a panoramic view of the city since it is located on the 38th floor
– Accommodates up to 400 guests

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