13 Challenges Every Event Planners Face

catering-services-planningWe know that planning events like Casa Manila Patio wedding and Blue Gardens debut is not a piece of cake. It requires hard work, commitment, and passion. Not to mention endless challenges and problems you have to go face throughout the process. Other people decide to plan on their own while others opt to hire an event planner.


For sure, at least for once, you have been an event coordinator or planner – for a small party, grand celebration, catering services coordinator or whatnot. To lighten things up, we listed down some of the most common challenges every event coordinator and planner face.


Passive clients


As a coordinator and a planner, you want nothing but the success of the event and satisfaction of your customers. It would be achievable if you and your valued customers will work together as a team. You need their thoughts, feelings, and expectations – be it about the decorations, catering services, program flow, guests, et cetera.


That is why in the industry of event planning, it is very hard to work with passive individuals. You want to help that but it seems that they don’t want to but they actually need you. They are hard to understand and communicate with. There are instances where you want to suggest and initiate but some take it as an offense.


Aggressive clients


If we have the passive, we also have the aggressive type of customers. Just to clarify, aggressive is different from being assertive. The latter is having the confidence yet being firm in what you want and be able to articulate your thoughts in a manner that is strong but not offensive. The former is more on just being offensive and pushy. They know what they want but that’s it. Aggressive people can be offensive and pushy to the point that they are disrespectful already.


Same as of the passive type, aggressive individuals are also hard to work with. Just imagine if there are also some passive aggressive people in your team.


Indecisive clients


In event planning, you have to be precise and exact with what you want and visualize – in decorations, catering services, programs, et cetera. As previously mentioned, you have to work with your customers, as it is not just a one-person preparation thing. What more can be irritating with people that are very, very, very indecisive?

When you are just about to forward invitations, partnerships or proposals to different groups and companies, your indecisive clients changed their mind or told you they are not yet sure. But you also need to hurry up because the event is just a few weeks to go.


Too many requests


Being an event coordinator and planner means you are able to cater and address their needs and wants. But what if they are so demanding? They want this, they want that; it should be like this, it should be like that. If it won’t happen, you are a total failure and a waste of time for them.


We understand that they only want the best for their celebrations but there are times where you just can’t stand their requests.


Little budget


In most industry, it is very hard to function with having a little amount of money. Seriously, how could you achieve your grand celebration if you are not willing to spend a little higher than the usual? Event planners and coordinators can do magic most of the time. They know how to make things happen with the given budget. Get cheap yet high-quality service providers. But then again, if the money is really needed, they just can’t use their magic wand and poof! There is money.


It is quite self-explanatory why having a very small budget in events is very challenging. That is why event planners and coordinators are expected to be creative and resourceful, as well as assertive in telling their customers that they need to shell out more funds.


Guests not confirming or replying


We are not simply talking about the visitors in a debut or wedding reception. We are talking about the guests that you deeply need in an event. Maybe the level of if they won’t come, it is better to cancel the event. It freaks you out that you reached out to them through every possible way but they are not confirming or replying to your invitation.


Now, let us talk about what are the things that seem hard to stand during the event day:


Lates and delays


“Ma’am, mahuhuli po kami ng dating.”


“Sir, on the way na kaso natraffic kaya mga one hour pa siguro bago makarating diyan.”


These are samples of the messages and calls you don’t want to read or hear. Those lines are like songs you don’t want to hear, ever! This triggers other event planner and coordinators especially if these messages are from the services provider that you need as soon as possible. So just a tip, always hire providers particularly catering services that are proven to have excellent delivery and high customer satisfaction.


Surprisingly lost materials


You don’t know if there is just a warp hole in the venue or the people in the event eats up your things. When you need to fix something quickly, you can’t find your tape, glue, stapler, and other stuff. Seriously, what with the event day?


That is why event planners and coordinators need to be very careful with everything; not only for the occasion but with their things, too. It is always better to carry extra materials.


Terrible weather


When everything is all set and prepared, there is one thing you can’t put your hands on – the weather. Though events will likely push through even if it is pouring cats and dogs, the visitors or guests might not go. That is a total heartbreak not only for you but for the celebrants and hosts of the event.


As much as this type of happening is already not in your control, you need to think of solutions and suggestions. You need to be quick in finding ways not to put your efforts in compromise or worse, in waste. Rescheduling an event is definitely last in your list.


People that are hard to manage


In the line of event planning, you are not only dealing with your customers and event itself, but also with their guests and visitors. Annoyingly, there are some that are very hard to manage. They are very makulit and inconsiderate. There are times that you want to shout, “I didn’t sign up for this!” But of course, you won’t because you know you need to address this issue.


Technical problems


Having technical difficulties or issues on the program proper is like a song to your ears already. But again, you don’t want to hear them playing again. This type of problem is not new to you that is why it is still cringing you to death because you know you should have known better.


Of course, event coordinators and planners are different from the staff who needs to work with technical stuff but you need to be in charge over everything. You need to make sure all is well – you’re on the right track, not too delayed, catering services on point, program flow is okay, people are happy and satisfied. Letting them wait for a long time just to watch a video is definitely something that won’t make them happy.


Last minute cancellation


The eleventh-hour cancellation of guests and service providers are total givers of a headache. You need nothing but to act on it quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, event coordinators and planners are like superheroes. But what if your client suddenly called off the event and you know that they are giving lame excuses? Unknowingly, tears roll down your face and all of your efforts come flashing in your head.


There are forgivable cancellations particularly if they have valid reasons. You will know if they are telling you the truth and even them don’t want to cancel the event but they need to. Their hearts are breaking more than yours.


Stress and burnout


Even if you are glad about how the event is going on so far and is a complete success, you know that you are still stressed. Your body and head are screaming for rest and comfort but you need to work, work, work. That is why balancing things (rest included) is a must. Event coordinators and planners are humans too and surely need some time out.


What comforts event coordinators and planners are the satisfaction of their customers and guests. They feel the happiness as much as of the celebrants. But of course, they are still tired.



catering-services-planning-2Relate much? Why not share to us other things you find most challenging in being an event coordinator and planner by reaching us through our official channels. For sure, we have a long time to discuss this matter.


On the other hand, if you are not a coordinator or a planner and hires one, never forget to thank and express your gratitude to them for making your dream wedding, debut and other momentous celebrations come to reality.

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