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7 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Blog Interesting and Up-to-Date

Traditionally, Philippine weddings are a celebration that most of us pay a lot of attention to. Weddings in the country should be like a feast; fun and interesting. And just like the wedding celebration itself, a wedding blog should also be fun and interesting.

Keeping a blog interesting is an easy task. You just have to:

Start your blog by telling your love story. This makes your audience be interested as you reveal to them things about you and your groom, how you two met and what happened in between.

Make a compatibility list. After telling your love story, make a list of things that you and your groom have in common. This will stir the interaction between relatives and friends as they will comment how little or how more you have in common.

Present a detailed account of the proposal. This can be done using lots of pictures with descriptions on how and where he proposed. A video (if any) is a great way to show it.

Share the highlights of the engagement period. Friends and relatives are especially keen on knowing these things so be sure to keep them updated as possible. Share details from the engagement party, to the meeting with suppliers and final arrangements.

Share other things that are related to you and your husband-to-be. Such as plans on buying a new house or starting a new job for the family that you will build.

Post lots and lots of photos of every meeting and details about the wedding preparations. Your audience can help you in deciding which suppliers to get as some of them may have experienced what you are going through.

Create polls or games for everyone. You can post a poll for friends, relatives and wedding guests on which caterer to get or which style of wedding gown to choose, or create a contest related to your wedding preparation with which winners will get their prizes on the day of the wedding.

Wedding blogs are mostly fun and a way to unleash all your stress in the preparations. Keep it updated by posting several times a week as this will keep your audience interested, and in the end you’ll end up having a great wedding memento that you and your grandchildren may be able to enjoy in the future.

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