Blogging Your Wedding Part 3 of 5

Setting Up Your Own Wedding Blog in Four Easy Steps

Previously, we talked about why you should create your very own wedding blog.

Setting up your own Wedding Blog is an easy task. Just sign up for a blog host (most of which are free) and you’re ready to go!

All you have to do is…


1. Pick a Blog Site

This is the most crucial as you will be writing most journal/blog entries through the blog host. You have to vigilantly pick a site that suits your personality and writing style, as well as your preferences on how you would like the blog to look, and its functionality.

If you are the type who wants to customize everything from the blog’s look and feel up to its font style and want your own URL address, blog hosts offer domain name customization where you get to pick out your own URL, like myrockinwedding.com, at an annual reasonable price of US$10–US$35 payable through credit cards or PayPal. Other blog hosts also offer features which upgrade your blog’s storage sizes for more pictures and videos, customize the look and feel of your blog, and removes unnecessary ads altogether.

Other than having your own domain name and no pesky ads, most of the available blog sites are free and offer customized styles and lets you post pictures and videos, and makes you do pretty much everything that you want to do.

Some of the popular blog sites in the country are WordPressBloggerMultiplyTumblr, and LiveJournal.

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2. Sign Up with a Free Photo-Hosting Site

Some blog hosts let you create an album that can store pictures of up to a limited size which you can use to post on your website. But to avoid downloading errors and other delays, creating an account on photo-hosting sites is a good way of solving these problems.

There are various sites such as FlickrPicasa, and PhotoBucket that allow you to share your pictures with others and create tags so others can quickly find them. These photo-hosting sites also let you post pictures on your wedding blog without having to download photos from your PC; you’ll just need to copy the URL of the photo on your blog, resize, and post.

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3. Post Lots of Pictures

Pictures are memories that may last a lifetime. These are visual documentations and representations of special memories and events that happen in our life. A wedding day without a picture is like eating a cheeseburger without the cheese.

When putting up a blog site, it is essential to add visual images as posts filled with plain text tend to tire your audience. It’s also another way of letting your families and friends involved as they not only get to read about all your wedding plans and preparations, they also get to see you in action be it attending a food tasting or meeting with other suppliers.

Your audience will likely want to read (about) and see your many adventures with your groom.

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4. Be You

Your wedding is all about you. Avoid being too stiff and formal when writing your wedding blog. Writing a blog should be a free-flow of thoughts about the things that is happening in your wedding, and the best way to describe what is happening is the way how you tell those stories to your friends and relatives.

Family and friends can relate easier when they hear a familiar voice through your writings. Just have fun and do everything your way. This will excite your guests as they get to see and read what you have experienced in the planning and preparation of your wedding. You don’t need to lash out all your irritation and bash out anyone unnecessarily, but you can be thorough without sacrificing honesty.

Do keep your audience updated on the big day so they will know on how it all turned out for you. Post lots of pictures or videos of the wedding.

Update them not only with what happened on the big day. Cute pictures during your honeymoon trip and news about an additional baby to the family is more likely to attract your readers, most specially family and friends.

Don’t be afraid to set up your own wedding blog, but remember that you are posting in online and millions of readers and internet surfers will come across your blog so safety should always be a concern. You can choose to block unwanted visitors and keep it within families and friends or you can steer clear on personal information that you wouldn’t want to be leaked for everyone to know.

Keep it light and fun. After all, who would want to read their own wedding blog with entries about whining on everything all the time?

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