Blogging Your Wedding Part 2 of 5

Reasons Why You Should Make A Wedding Blog

Blogging has become a popular hobby among Filipinos. Not surprisingly, this trend has crept in on the world of wedding planning in the form of a wedding blog! Creating a wedding blog is a fun and perfect way to immortalize every step of the wedding planning process. Best of all, you can share it with your family and friends!

Writing a wedding blog can both be enjoyable and even useful for your wedding. If you’re still on the fence about the whole idea, here are a few reasons why you should create a wedding blog:

  1. Share information about the wedding for friends and guests. This will save your sanity when the barrage of questions regarding your wedding details start pouring in. If you’re too tired to tell tita about why you chose blue grey as your centerpiece’s color, you can always tell her to check your blog!

  2. Get feedback from families and friends about the wedding preparation. The blog is also a venue where your friends and family can comment on the chosen theme, motif, food, and basically the entire wedding itself! You never know when someone can recommend people or offer great advice that can make the planning stage a little easier.

  3. A therapy for a stressed couple. Some brides shop. Some indulge themselves in a massage. Most rant to their closest friends for hours about the wedding preparation. You can blog and let the people close to you know how you feel! Your blog can serve as your creative release during the often hair-pulling ordeal that is wedding planning.

  4. A place to gather ideas for the wedding. Blogger and Rock n’ Roll Bride moderator, Kat Williams, started her wedding blog as a place for her to “gather (sic) wedding planning thoughts and ideas for myself”. You can use your blog as a collection of pegs that you can return to while you plan your wedding!

  5. To create a long-lasting keepsake of your wedding. Unless you delete it, your blog will store all your wonderful wedding memories forever. Pictures and blog entries definitely last longer than paper journals and photo albums.

These wedding blogs may also be of big help for other soon-to-wed couples in finding the right wedding supplier as bloggers post their experiences and rate their suppliers with how much they liked their products and services.

There are many other reasons you may consider in creating your own wedding blog, but the most important one is for you to have fun in the preparation, on the actual wedding day, and beyond.

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