Blogging Your Wedding Part 1 of 5

The Why and The How of Blogging Your Wedding

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Weddings are a special milestone in people’s lives. Brides and grooms always take the extra mile to make theirs special as this celebration leads them into the joys and pains of parenthood and raising a family on their own.

By making it special, couples want to make their wedding celebrations as hassle-free and memorable to them and their guests as possible. Many couples, especially the brides who sink their teeth in the tedious task of getting involved and making all the arrangements, create a checklist of all the things that they have to do and have done for the almost year-long preparation…

A checklist can be in a form of a daily planner that brides bring everyday of the duration of the preparation period, others may’ve just left everything in the hands of their wedding coordinator, but a recent trend proves to be not just helpful in the checklist sense but also fun and interactive.

What is this trend?

Blogging, of course!

Many may ask what is blogging and why the trend in wedding blogs? That question can be answered as you read along.

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