We all want to feel like queens for a day. What better way to feel queenly than wearing a crown–a floral crown, that is? A floral crown completes a bridal look, adding an ethereal touch, regardless of the type and theme of the wedding. If you think this look is best for summer weddings, think again.

Not every bride can pull the flower crown though. Here’s how to don a hair garland without looking like a bridesmaid:


If you are going to wear a floral crown, make sure that it doesn’t deviate from your wedding theme. Every wedding has a story and you don’t want your crown to end that story abruptly. The crown must go together with other pieces seamlessly.

If you are having a really bright wedding motif, consider toning down a bit with your crown. Stick to your color motif or choose the shades that are closest to it. Think of the dominant color. Christy Meisner, a New York-based floral crown designer, advises using “a bunch of different flowers, huge blooms and smaller dainty ones.”

Make sure that the blooms complement your skin color, too. Otherwise, the crown will look outrightly out of place. Stick to the closest palette for a more cohesive look. Likewise, make sure that the crown complements your body shape. For petite brides, don’t wear over-sized garlands, or it will only overpower your bridal gown. For voluptuous brides, avoid wearing a wreath that flattens the head because the head will look smaller.

However, if your friends have known you for being bold, you may choose to be as dauntless as you can be with your crown. There are really no hard rules. Even if there are, you can always bend some of them.


Floral crowns are gorgeous by themselves. However, to make it look gorgeous on your head, you need to position it properly. Some brides place theirs across the forehead while some put theirs farther back and still look beautiful. According to Rawan Rihani, a Brooklyn-based florist, “everyone has different hair and proportions.” Rihani advises her clients to try the crown in front of the mirror; use a replica and not the actual floral crown.

When trying the crown, your goal is finding the right placement. Move it here and there until you find the perfect positioning. If it doesn’t feel right, move it farther behind some more until it feels right. Don’t be afraid to put the crown behind the hairline. If needed, use a ribbon to close the crown at the back especially if you are using a pre-fitted crown. Bobby pins are okay, too.


Let the weather be your guide. Apparently, getting hitched on a summer would mean seeing a floral crown with wilting flowers. On the contrary, fresh flowers took a longer time to wane during the cold weather, which is from November to February in the Philippines.

So, what’s the supposed Plan B? Prepare two floral crowns–one for the ceremony and another for the reception. Check with your florist how she or he can ensure that the crown will be intact for as long as possible. Better yet, go to your local flower shop and buy the spray solution that helps flowers stay fresh for a longer period.

Opt to wear a silk floral crown as an alternative. It won’t wilt, and you can keep it forever. That’s the best thing about hand-dyed fabric floral crowns.


Aside from spraying the solution, you must learn to preserve your crown up until you are ready to wear it. Some florists would want to hand you the floral crown on the wedding day itself. However, if it came one to two days in advance, would you know what you’d do so that the flowers will remain fresh? Put it on the on a plate and to the fridge. Put a moist paper towel on top and underneath the crown. Freesias last longer than daisies and roses, while Jasmine adds a natural scent.

That’s the beauty of wearing a floral crown; it can only last for so long. Thus, a bride should make the most of it while she can.


Floral adornments–if not properly worn–can be deemed twee, but for all the wrong reasons. Jasmin Larian, who has her own line of floral crowns, states that “floral crowns are the biggest peacock.” Women who wear them really like to be seen. Thus, you must be comfortable with the thought of everyone staring at you. After all, you are the bride!

Floral crowns are the epitome of elegance only the queensy-at-heart can pull off. Take a cue from these lovely brides who rock the floral headpiece as if it was the only thing that mattered in the world.

It goes without saying that if you think you can’t pull off the look, then just skip it. Otherwise, it will only look forced. You don’t want that, right? Not on your special day!