Beautiful Weddings: Ten Romantic Wedding Venues near Intramuros

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What makes a wedding beautiful and romantic? 

Well, for starters, the essence of a wedding is in the deep-seated promise and commitment to forever by both the husband and the wife to each other. In a sense, what makes a wedding beautiful is the fact that you are witnessing a couple’s promise to love each other for eternity—a life’s milestone for many. However, to aptly celebrate such a significant event, one must create an ambience—an atmosphere—fitting enough to host it. In this regard, your wedding day should be artfully decorated with all the elements that define who you and your partner are as a couple. With this in mind, selecting the right venue is pivotal to creating the perfect wedding atmosphere for you. 

While many might argue that any venue can be jazzed up with the help of proper décor elements, wedding decorations can only take you so far. Your décor elements serve only to amplify and beautify your wedding venue while the latter essentially dictates the atmosphere. In this regard, selecting the right wedding venue should be of utmost importance. This is because once you and your partner have decided on a wedding venue; every other detail should fall into place, such as the décor, theme, and colour. In the Philippines, where weddings are becoming more elaborate than ever, it is imperative that you harmonize your wedding venue with the concept you have in mind while being careful not to overlook the practical aspects of it into consideration (cost, logistics, etc.). In this regard, all of your wedding reception’s elements and other considerations will be adequately covered. 

Intramuros, a particular city in Metro Manila, has been making waves all over the internet for being just the right aesthetic for weddings. Apart from the rustic vibe this historical city gives weddings, it is a welcome and much closer alternative than having scenic wedding locations such as Tagaytay and Batangas which are an hour or two away from the metropolis. To see why this historical city has been making quite a buzz as a wedding locale as of late, read on below. 

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While cobble-stoned Intramuros already provides the right aesthetic for rustic weddings, it does have its fair share of garden wedding venues. These venues are perfect for couples who do not necessarily want a cookie-cutter type of wedding venue but would like to incorporate some conventional aspects found in traditional weddings. In this regard, going for a venue that wonderfully harmonizes Intramuros’ rustic elements with the conventionality of a modern garden wedding is a welcome alternative to most couples who are looking to take this route. 

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Plaza Moriones is a fully matured garden that is more than twenty-five years old. Because of its age, one can expect to see lush foliage and verdant greenery in Plaza Moriones. With a majestic iron grille that separates the public end of the plaza from the hustle and bustle of the street, the couple and their guests can enjoy privacy while in the midst of their celebrations. More importantly, the plaza has gorgeous accents that would contribute to your wedding’s overall aesthetic such as a stone bridge that crosses over a narrow moat as well as a massive arched portal that cuts through thick stone fortifications. In any case, this promenade is perfect for couples who wish to give their wedding a 19th century feel. With its wide expanse of greenery, the venue provides a majestic view of the historic Fort Santiago gate and can seat and accommodate up to 500 guests. 

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Back in the day, Baluarte de San Diego served as a bulwark that defended its land as well as its stories of the past. Today, it has proved that it stood the test of time and remained as one of the exciting and magnificent remnants in the historic city of Intramuros. Originally meant to protect the metropolis from enemies during the Spanish occupation, Baluarte de San Diego has now evolved to become one of Intramuros’ most beloved wedding venues. With a seating capacity of 800-1000 persons, it is the perfect wedding reception venue for anyone who wishes to have a grandiose and majestic wedding with many invitees. While it mostly serves as a reminder of the many events that transpired in the city of Intramuros, it also makes for the perfect backdrop for couples who wish to give their weddings a rustic and historical veneer.

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Just located near the Manila Cathedral and the Monastery of San Agustin, Father Blanco’s Garden is an ideal wedding reception venue for couples who wish to opt for something beautiful while rusting that is in proximity to not just one, but two churches. This eerily beautiful spot is peppered with a myriad of palm trees and walkways that make it the perfect place for a scenic garden wedding. Built by the Father of Botany in the Philippines himself, Father Manuel Blanco, the garden no longer resembles what it once originally looked like as it was destroyed during the World War II. However, it has since then been rebuilt in the year 1991, and although the original garden no longer stands, this new garden retains the mystique and beauty of the old one. 

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Another beautiful wedding venue in Intramuros City that plays up the rustic theme is Puerta Real Gardens. Located just past the Juan Luna Monument, this venue is quite unlike anything that you will ever find in the metropolis. It sits just right in front of the main entrance to the Intramuros complex and has a drawbridge that allows visitors to cross a small body of water—a moat if you may. In this regard, Puerta Real Gardens might just be the most picturesque wedding venue that has wonderfully incorporated rustic and historical themes and aspects. In a sense, being in this place makes you feel like you have been transported to another time, which gives your wedding reception a different touch and ambiance. 

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Plaza San Luis Complex is perhaps the only wedding venue with the most accurate representation of Spanish colonial architecture. For most couples, this alone is a plus that would entice them to hold their wedding ceremonies and receptions in this very same place. It is one of the most beautifully historic places in Intramuros that has survived and revived into a well-maintained establishment. One of the venue’s key features is its gorgeous courtyard that up until today has retained its old-world feel and ambiance. Incidentally, the courtyard—with its stone walls and floors, fountain and variation of plants, is where most weddings occur. Indeed, if you are looking for a venue that gives your event just the right tinge of Spanish history and aesthetic, Plaza San Luis is your best choice.




Holding a wedding in Intramuros inevitably means that a couple wishes to take advantage of its beautiful Spanish colonial architecture as well as its distinct rustic vibe. For many, this means taking the wedding ceremony and reception outdoors where the hollowed and ancient walls of the city can bear witness to their vows and promise to eternity. Unfortunately, there are some months in the year wherein the weather is not exactly favorable for outdoor events and celebrations. In this regard, it is best if the couple opts for an indoor wedding venue (or at least have one in contingency) so as to ensure that come rain or shine, the event pushes through. 

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While Palacio De Manila is not exactly located in Intramuros City itself, it is not considerably far from the historical city. The events place is specifically designed to house events of all kinds and seats around (400-500 people), making it the perfect choice for mediums sized events such as weddings. Although it lacks the cobblestone paths of Intramuros, the venue compensates for it in its magnificent view of the picturesque Manila Bay. As the venue is located strategically and conveniently in Malate and along Roxas Boulevard, it should come as no question that the Manila Bay is within view. 

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The Pergola is an events venue located in Pasay City that offers a myriad of packages for any event—weddings included! Located in the highly famed and accessible CCP compound, this pillar-less, and fully airconditioned venue can seat up to 400 guests. For couples who have accessibility and convenience in mind, La Pergola Verde is the perfect choice at it can be accessed through major thoroughfares including Roxas, Macapagal Blvds., EDSA and Pablo Ocampo as well as Gil J. Puyat Avenue. It has a seating capacity of at least 200-350 guests (400 if buffet stations are situated in the garden). More importantly, this unique octagon-shaped reception hall comes with a lush tropical garden, a spacious terrace, scenic waterfall as well as a garden trellis which all in all would make for a charming and beautiful wedding atmosphere. 

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Located in the heart of where everything happens, The Marquis Events Place is an events place in BGC that promises an inspiring venue for your dream wedding reception. Apart from offering a range of packages for all sorts of events, the Maquis is a 1000 seater events place for your premium and bespoke wedding celebration. For couples who wish to give their events an imaginative and creative touch, this is the perfect venue with some ballrooms having interiors inspired by origami and a thousand folded cranes. Indeed, if you wish to give your wedding that distinct feel, this is the place to be. 

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Located in General Luna St. Metro Manila, Villa Immaculada is one of the preferred wedding venues in Intramuros mainly for its popular catering services. A sister company of the popular Tamayo’s Catering Services, Villa Immaculada’s packages including catering to a number of guests which already tackles two wedding suppliers in one go and for a lot cheaper than if booked separately. More importantly, as the venue is located at the back of Manila Cathedral, the venue is easily accessible to couples who wish to wed there. Villa Immaculada is perfect for giving your wedding event a classic and elegant feel amidst the historical city of Intramuros.

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The Lotus Garden Hotel promises a wide range of ballrooms and function rooms that can seat anywhere from 50-200 guests. Perfect for couples who are looking for a modern, elegant and minimalist design, Lotus Garden Hotel promises to be your partner in making exceptional and unforgettable memories. The ballrooms are complete with audio-visual facilities and are spacious as well as pillar-less. With a variety of packages to offer, couples can easily find what falls within their budget. 



Indeed, wedding events are joyful occasions that should be commemorated appropriately, and the first step to doing just that is to book the right venue for you and your wedding guests. Take note: A wedding location plays a pivotal role in keeping your guests happy. In this regard, choose an ideal location—one that satisfies your needs as well as goes a long way in ensuring that everyone arrives and leaves happy. After all, your wedding is probably the momentous event you will ever get to celebrate in life, so why not look for a venue that contributes to making it happen? 





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