Basic Guide for Your Wedding Program

wedding-planning-ringsAs most are busy imagining you and your partner in the wedding ceremony proper as well as the two of you live your life together for the rest of your days, you are preoccupied thinking about your wedding proper. Well, good for you if you have a wedding planner to help you out. But if you are the hands-on type future wedded person, you want everything to be perfect or at least be not a disaster, and you have a touch in the things to happen in your wedding.

So if you are now thinking about wedding programs, here is a quick guide on what you could and should do. Of course, we have our own preferences and taking into account the different contexts that we have. But to take the burden off of your chest, here are some suggestions:

Quite easy to say but please, don’t overthink

Maybe this is what others tell you about – the stress of the wedding. You will be “burdened” with all the preparations you need to do. From looking for the wedding venue, caterer, give away or souvenirs, coordinating with your guests, emotional stress and other matters. Preparing for a wedding is not a bed of roses so please don’t overthink.

It is fine to think about the different scenarios that you think that will happen in your wedding. It also helps you prepare plan B, C, D, and so on. But then, know if it’s already over thinking that it doesn’t actually help you but freaks you out. Wedding preparation may not be a walk in the park, but it should not be a “Jurassic park” type. Enjoy the process and relax.

Consult with your partner

Even before the wedding plans, you ought to ask your partner in your decisions. So what more in wedding preps, right? Your partner might tell you that whatever you want will do well, still ask for his or her opinion and suggestions. Remember that it is not only your wedding; it is for the both of you.

Of course, if we are talking about surprises and similar things, it is better to keep quiet about that.


Filter comments and suggestions from others

Ha! Aside from the usual notes, you get from friends like “Abay ako ha,” “Ako ilagay mo dito” and others, you will also hear a lot of “Gawin mo ito sa kasal mo.” Aside from unsolicited bits of advice are irritating, some just don’t know how to limit what they are going to say.

Don’t let yourself come to the point of telling them to plan their own wedding since it’s like they want to own up yours. You can politely turn their suggestions down. You may say that you are planning with your partner and thinking about different things. Their ideas are okay but not something that you are leaning towards.


List all the specifics of the wedding program that you want to have

From the different events you have attended or seen in TVs or online, you have a rough idea on what you want to do for your wedding. List them and see if they are doable. It is good that you have a pool of list on what you want to have or do.


Set realistic time table or schedule

Following the thought that you have a good idea on what to do, you should take note of the time. Do you think you have ample time to do those? Make it as realistic as possible so as to avoid stressing yourself out on the wedding program proper because it’s not being followed or whatnot.


Always consider your guests and visitors

You can go and brag that it is “your” wedding, but you should still think about your guests and visitors. You invited them so make them feel welcome in your event. In laying out your wedding program, make it participative.

Try putting yourself in their shoes and see if you will have fun or at least appreciate the wedding program you are thinking of. But if course, know which things are okay to go even if only a few people will relate. Balance it out.


Go for DIY and cheaper alternatives

Be it in the wedding reception’s decorations and souvenirs, go for DIY and less expensive options. This may be time consuming but you can ask help from your colleagues and relatives. For sure, they will make time for it since they know how important the wedding is for you and you trusting them.

There tons of samples on YouTube and posts or blogs on Facebook and other social media like Pinterest.

Now that you have a brief orientation to calm yourself down and a bigger image on what’s about to happen, it is time for the details. You may want to take a look in this part about some of the things you can put in your wedding program:


The usual Filipino ceremonies

If you have attended at least one wedding, you have probably witnessed these. These are the general things Filipino couples do during their wedding programs. You might get some ideas here:


You and your partner’s trip

Time to make it more personal by incorporating you and your partner’s likes and interests. Make your guests feel and know that this is your wedding!

Think about the things that interest you the most and at the same that can be entertaining to your guests as well. You may not single it out in the wedding program, but maybe in the wedding theme or something, your guests should bring or donate. Spice things up and own your wedding like nobody else!


Everybody loves games!

You may laugh this suggestion off but if you will come to think of it, having games in every program unites and entertains all at the same time. It also gives you and your partner to relax for quite a couple of minutes. Moreover, the kids present will love these:


wedding-ringsHopefully, you got pumped up, and ideas come to you now. Don’t get too ecstatic to put all of those together. Again, consult with your partner and set flexible timetable or schedule of the things you will be doing in your wedding program. How many minutes should you give for the eating time alone and other ceremonies? How about the time allowance?

Prepare a couple of drafts of programs and see which is more doable, entertaining, worth remembering and not draggy. There are instances where others would like to put everything they want that the wedding program comes a little too heavy. Imagine yourself sitting in the reception, witnessing and participating in the program. Take note your observations and see if adjustments are necessary.

At the end of the day, we would want to have our wedding day fun and memorable. For sure it will be as you will be finally, officially tying the knot with the love of your life. So sit back, relax and enjoy planning (and of course, your wedding)!

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