A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Your Wedding By Hizon’s (E-Book)

Wedding planning is a lengthy and a painstaking process, but an inevitable one to make your wedding to perfection. There are probably hundreds to thousands articles to guide you and help you in this process, and probably a lot of people too. In Hizon’s Catering, we aspire to help our clients in any way possible to bring out the best from their events.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Your Wedding by Hizon’s is an e-book dedicated for our past clients and soon-to-wed couples. This e-book is a long and thorough piece to guide you in the process of planning. It’s detailed contents is intended to guide you from setting your wedding date, taking care of your requirements and documents, making you guest list to organizing your wedding program, your honeymoon, and updating our legal documents after the wedding.

Written by our own team, this e-book is a sign of our endless gratitude and a manifestation of your unwavering trust to Hizon’s Catering.

Download the e-book here. It is totally free!


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About Hizon's Catering

For more than 30 years , we have been blessed to be a part of thousands of weddings, debuts, kids parties, corporate events, and private celebrations. In all these events, we make sure we are not only your caterer but more importantly your partner in every step from conceptualizing, budgeting and planning up to final execution.

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