8 Reasons to Attend a Bachelorette Party

Is your friend, colleague or relative having a bachelorette or bachelor party? If you are not a typical “let’s go” person, you are probably thinking about whether you should go or not. Sometimes, even if the venue is a heck of a good deal for a person, they won’t be easily persuaded to go.

What about attending a bachelorette or bachelor party? Is it something it is fine for you to miss? 

What is a bachelorette or bachelor party?

bachelorette party

Filipinos often do not hold a so-called bachelorette or bachelor party. Usually, we dine out or get a few drinks, but that’s it – nothing grand or new. But when we say bachelorette or bachelor party, it is something:

Bachelor party comes in different names: stag night, stag do, bucks night, stag weekend. Bachelor parties have that image that it is strictly for males only same as with the bachelorette that it is only for females. Bachelorette party is modeled after the bachelor.

In Germany, it is called as Junggesellenabschied translating to farewell to bachelorhood. On the other hand, in French-speaking areas like France and Quebec, it is enterrement de vie de garçon or the burial of the life as a boy. On Israel, מסיבת רווקים which means the party of single men. If you observe, all of them have the same thought.

bachelor party

This type of party is a get-together where people celebrate the “last days” of being bachelors and bachelorettes. People can do things that they think and believe that is something to honor the last days of singlehood of the bride or groom to be. That probably explains why some go on full blast young, wild and free. But remember, you have many ways and means to have fun and celebrate such cost.

In the modern times, there are now some celebrations and gatherings that have the same cause but co-ed or attended by both males and females. There is no sex separation, and anyone can go.


Now that you have a brief background on what it means, we are giving you a number of reasons on why should you go to a bachelorette or bachelor party:

#1 It does not mean loud and wild

If you have read the information above carefully and well, you know that there are a lot of things that can happen in a bachelorette and bachelor party. It absolutely does not equate to something wild, sexy, loud and rowdy. Maybe that is the image that pops into our heads when we hear the words bachelorette and bachelor party.

In the movies and teleseryes we get to watch, we see that in a bachelorette party, there would be a male dancer hovering over the bride to be. The friends are cheering in excitement for this “sexy” time. For men, a lady dancer is doing the same for the groom to be. Come on! This is in the movies and teleseryes only! For sure, your friend has a different plan.

Need not to be afraid. If you are quite sketchy with the plan, you can always ask what would happen for the peace of your mind.

#2 A time for you to relax and have fun

Maybe you will think that gone were the days of attending celebrations and rocking the night with friends. Let me tell you this: bachelorette and bachelor parties do not happen only at night. Some choose to have theirs in an afternoon or lunch. Probably they have it in such time so more people can go.

Come to think of it, attending the celebration is some sort of a getaway for your busy life and hectic schedule. With all the stress you have at work, it would be ideal for you to chill and appreciate the other beauties of life. Yes, a bachelorette and bachelor parties belong to the beauties of life.

#3 And hey, there are definitely tons of food and drinks there!

food and drinksLet us be realistic: Filipinos love food! Actually, that is quite an understatement because we desire, long, crave and just love catering food! I don’t know where this phenomenon started, but nevertheless, this is a good motivator for you to go.

Of course, you won’t be coming with the banner on your face that you just “came here for the free food.” But then again, realistically and honestly speaking, some people go to celebrations (even in weddings) just because of the food and drinks. I remember having a small graduation thanksgiving lunch. Many people came! Funnily, I do not know other people, and they even pass by me without any greeting.

So make sure that aside from the foods and drinks, you know the reason why you are attending the party. And please, do not forget to greet the celebrant.

#4 A good avenue to socialize and reconnect with friends

Parties and gatherings like bachelorette and bachelor parties are good avenues for you to socialize and reconnect with friends. Going back to our previous point, you or your friends or relatives have been preoccupied with work and family. You may not have enough or spare time to go for a dinner out with them, and this party is one of the few times you can get together.

As we get older, we realize how precious time is. Unlike when we were younger, we seem to watch time pass by and others are even excited to grow up (like me). But now that we are adults, we seem to plead a chance to pause for a while. Indeed, time is gold. Hopefully, you will realize and believe that this four-hour event is something you should seize.

#5 Your presence is highly anticipated and appreciated

You might be thinking that it is fine for you to skip the bachelorette or bachelor party since you are attending the wedding anyway. Hello, darling! A bachelorette or bachelor party is a different celebration from a wedding. Another set of venue, catering, dresses, program, et cetera. So do not go on thinking that it is okay not to attend because you are going to the wedding.

Besides, you are cordially invited by the bride or groom to be. That person is waiting for you to grace the gathering with your presence. You will not be asked for no definite reason. I bet that the celebrant personally invited you because your presence, not just mere attendance, is highly anticipated and appreciated.

Isn’t it lovely to feel special just like that? 

#6 Explore the world of marriage and relationships

Though the party might be too short for you to conclude things about marriage and relationships, it is an excellent opportunity for you to marvel. You will get to see how people celebrate and kick off weddings. Most of the parties and gatherings before a wedding have a segment where the oldies or married people give tips for a happy and lasting marriage.

More than the giving tips portion of the bachelorette or bachelor party, you will observe how couples behave when they are far away from each other. You know that attitude and behavior of your colleague or relative well. You might get surprised with how time flies and how much change they have gone thru! Shocking!

Kidding aside, any gathering is a good one for you to observe and think about relationships.

#7 Put yourself in the organizer’s shoes

I will be quite frank and honest about this one: what will you feel if you are the organizer and the person that you are waiting for to go to your party declines your invitation? Does it feel good? Of course no!

The organizer or celebrant probably tired her or himself with looking for a beautiful Manila party venues, yummy yet affordable catering or food provider, a good set of program and then you won’t attend? Come on. If you would be putting yourself in their shoes, you will feel bad too.

We know the golden rule, right? Do unto others what you want them to do unto you. I will just leave this here and let your conscience guide you in your decision-making.

#8 Attending is worth it

To sum up our list, I will say that attending, being present and actively participating in a bachelorette or bachelor party is worth it. It is something you can tell to your future children and grandkids that there came a time where you attend a party, and you did not regret going. Why? Because you decided to have fun and go with the flow, even just for that night or day.

We only have a few years in our lives. We have 24 hours a day, and it is up to us on how we can make each second, minute and hours count. Will you do it by slacking and avoiding your friends, colleagues, and relatives? Maybe you can spare some of your time, have fun and do something worthwhile, right?


After reading our list of reasons on why you should grace a bachelorette or bachelor party, will you now go? Let us know if these reasons have convinced or at least influenced you to attend!

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