10 Signs That You’ve Found the Perfect Wedding Gown

One of the most confusing parts of getting married is not necessarily choosing the wedding catering service, the florist  or the photography studio, but choosing the gown that perfectly fits the occasion; well, at least, for the brides-to-be. It’s that one perfect moment where you tell yourself, “This is the one!”

In this day and age, brides-to-be tend to give more weight on customized wedding gowns – a gown that is specially designed for her and only her. What we do is to shop around for inspiration (or peg) before we head to our chosen wedding dress designer. [Pinterest and Instagram, anyone?] At times, a bride-to-be picks what she loves in the heap of the bridal gowns and creates her own gown from them. Talk about creativity!

Other brides-to-be skim the racks of wedding boutiques to find any ready-to-wear wedding gowns. Some of them prefer to look for the right wedding dress in this way because they can see the intricate details and feel the delicate fabric. Although they cannot wear it–a Filipino tradition–they’d have an overall feel of how they would look on that particular gown, sashaying here and there in front of the mirror.

Enough said. The question is – how do you know that that wedding gown is the one? Every wedding dress is beautiful in its own way; thus, picking one can be very difficult. Here are the tell-tale signs that you’ve already found it:

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